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2005-  Astaroth Merc - all instruments, vocals
2012-  Morthvarg - guitars, vocals
2012-  Olexiy Saltykov - drums
2012-  Athamas - bass, vocals
2012-  Grim Me - keyboards
2006  Howler - vocals
2009-2010  Athamas - vocals
2011  Morthvarg - vocals
2012  Vladimir Sokolov - vocals
2012  Anton Belov - vocals

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Raventale plays atmospheric black metal with doom influences and, on paper, these ideas seem like a sure thing for a great album. It's driving yet mournful and there are moments of sadly beautiful guitar melodies, pained vocals, and some keyboards. It's moderately enjoyable and dense but once the album stops spinning I have no desire to play it again and little recollection of what I just heard. Why is this?
Review by Susan ››
Bringer Of Heartsore marks the fifth release by Raventale, a one-man black metal project hailing from Ukraine.

The music is still basically midpaced tempo black metal that shows the influence some other Ukrainian black metal band with which you might...
Review by BitterCOld ››
I'm sure the first thing that popped to your mind when seeing the teaser for this review, along with the golden butterfly album cover, was "black/doom!" I know it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Ok, maybe not.

In any case,...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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