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Steffen Kummerer


2002- Obscura - guitars, vocals  
2003- Thulcandra - guitars, vocals  

Live musician

2012- Death - vocals, guitars  
2016 Secrets Of The Moon - bass (as S.K.)  

Guest musician

2009 Disdained - guitar solo  
2011-2012 Over Your Threshold - guitars  
2016 Stortregn - guitars  
2017 Mesosphera - vocals  
2022 Persefone - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 01.06.1985

Official Website
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Steffen Kummerer is a German guitarist and vocalist who founded German progressive/technical death metal band Obscura and black/death metal band Thulcandra.
He started playing the piano and received first instructions in composition at the age of 9 at the boarding school of the Regensburger Domspatzen, an elite school for musical education, lead by Georg Ratzinger.
In 2002 Steffen Kummerer bought his first guitar and founded the progressive death metal band Obscura and later the year 2003 the black metal band Thulcandra. Both bands received great feedback, Obscura released three full length albums and one demo, Thulcandra released two full length and one demo up to date.
Steffen also produces various video clips and art. Best known are his work for the song "Anticosmic Overload" and graphic concepts for both of his bands.