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2003-  Steffen Kummerer - guitars, vocals
2014-  Erebor - drums
2017-  Mariano Delastik - guitars
2021-  Carsten Schorn - bass
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2003-2005  Jürgen Zintz - guitars
2008-2017  Tobias Ludwig - bass
2008-2017  Sebastian Ludwig - guitars
2012-2014  Matthias Landes - drums
2019-2020  Christian Kratzer - bass
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2008-2012  Matthias Landes - drums
2014  Erebor - drums
2017  Linus Klausenitzer - bass
2011  Peter Huss - guitars

Latest reviews

At what point do we applaud utter dedication? Thulcandra's not-so-secret mission to continue Dissection's legacy has been well-documented with an unholy trinity of savory yet pestilent gems inked in blue and forlorn artwork. Fallen Angel’s Dominion, Under A Frozen Sun, and Ascension Lost.
Review by Dream Taster ››
When I think of death metal and black metal mixing in a melodic fashion, I think of Dissection, and you do too. Thulcandra is a band heavily influenced by the aforementioned masters of the genre, and on their new album Ascension Lost, they pack it full with everything a fan of the genre could want.
Review by Mattybu ››
I wanted to make some really cool analogy for Thulcandra being the answer (supply) to the world's demand for Dissection stocks or bonds or whatever, but I spent too much time chasing squirrels as a kid instead of reading The Wall Street Journal so...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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