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Leif Edling


1984- Candlemass - bass  
1995-1997 Abstrakt Algebra - bass  
2002- Krux - bass  
2008- Leif Edling - bass, guitar, vocals  
2013-2017 Avatarium - bass  
2016- The Doomsday Kingdom - bass  

Studio musician

2008- Jupiter Society - bass, backing vocals  

Guest musician

2010 The Project Hate MCMXCIX - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 06.08.1963

Leif Edling (born August 6th, 1963) is best known as the main songwriter and bass player of the Swedish doom metal band Candlemass.

Edling started his musical career in the band Trilogy, then under the name of Toxic, as a singer together with Ian Haugland (later the drummer of Europe) in 1979. He then played in a band named Witchcraft but left in 1981 and formed Nemesis in 1982. Before the Candlemass official releases, Edling also handled vocal duties in addition to playing bass.

After the departure of Messiah Marcolin, Candlemass more and more became his solo project, until the band reformed in 2002. In the meantime, Leif had started the band Abstrakt Algebra with Mats Levén on vocals and Mike Wead on guitar. The band met with limited success and split up after one album.

In 2002 he founded another doom metal band, named Krux with much more success.

EQUIPMENT: Mesa Boogie 400+ Amplifier, Ampeg 8 x 10 cabinet. Fender precision 57' vintage, Gibson Thunderbird bass