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Tor Atle Andersen


2003- Communic - drums  
2003 Scariot - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 24.05.1980

Born: 24th May 1980, Kristiansand, Norway
Equipment: DW 9000 pedal, Pro Mark, Zildian A Custom, Premier APX
Past, Present Bands: Apostasy, Opus Forgotten, Scariot, Communic
Favorite Vocalists: Warrel Dane, Phil Anselmo
Favorite Drummer: Gene Hoglan, Derek Roddy
Favorite Bands: Deicide, Nevermore, Pantera, Opeth
First Album Bought: Holy Diver - Dio
Favorite Food: Chicken Tanduri, Pizza
Favorite Drink: CB beer, Litago, Smirnoff Ice
Favorite Waste of Time: Playing drums, Listen To Music & Watch TV
Favorite Vacation: Far away...
One Wish For A Time Travel: What?
Final Word Of Advice: Trust noone but your self............