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Joacim Cans


1990-1994 Lost Horizon - vocals  
1994-2000 Mrs. Hippie - vocals  
1996- HammerFall - vocals  
2001-2002 Warlord - vocals  
2003- Cans - vocals  

Guest musician

2000 Nostradameus - additional vocals  
2000 The Storyteller - vocals  
2005 Dreamland - backing vocals  
2006 Dezperadoz - vocals  
2012 Shattered Destiny - backing vocals  
2015 Orden Ogan - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 19.02.1970

Official Website

Joacim Cans (Mora, Sweden, 19th of February 1970) is the lead singer of HammerFall, a Swedish power metal band. He is the only member aside from founder and guitarist Oscar Dronjak to appear on all of the band's albums.

He has attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

He released his first solo album titled Beyond the Gates in 2004.

Cans participated with a choir team in the Swedish television program "Körslaget" (the Swedish version of "Clash of the Choirs") in 2008. On May 10 his team won the entire competition.