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1998-  Freddy Persson - vocals
1998-  Jake Fredén - guitars
1998-  Thomas Antonsson - bass
2001-  Esko Salow - drums
2006-  Lenart Specht - guitars
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1998-2000  Erik Söderman - guitars
1998-2000  Gustav Nahlin - drums
2000-2001  Jesse Lindskog - drums
2000-2006  Michael Åberg - guitars
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2000  Joacim Cans - additional vocals

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It's good sometime to have some bands in Europe who want to play Power Metal but are able to understand to that it can be a good thing to do something different than all the ones who chose to do "happy flower" Power. This is the case of...
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"Hellbound" is already the fourth releases of the Swedish combo Nostradameus. If their first albums were a bit flavorless I must admit that the band is improving its work lately. The best proof of this improvement is the last album "Hellbound"...
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