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Per Anders Johansson


1982-1983 Silver Mountain - drums  
1985-1988 Yngwie Malmsteen - drums  
1991- Jens Johansson - drums  
1992- Bakteria - drums (as Manuel Gonzalez)  
1992-1993 Keegan - drums  
1994-1996 The Johansson Brothers - drums  
1996-1999 Johansson - drums  
1999-2014 HammerFall - drums  
2003-2005 Tears Of Anger - drums  
2005- Planet Alliance - drums  
2009- Full Force Inc - drums  
2016-2019 Strokkur - drums  
2019- Tungsten (SWE) - drums  
2019- Manowar - drums  

Studio musician

1996 Yngwie Malmsteen - drums  
2017 Hulkoff - drums  

Live musician

2004 Stratovarius - drums  
2018- Hulkoff - drums  

Guest musician

2001-2003 Empire - drums  
2002 Winterlong - drums  
2003 Narnia - drums  
2004 Mistheria - drums  
2020 Wolfpakk - drums  
2021-2023 Martin Simson's Destroyer Of Death - drums (as Anders Johansson)  
2022 Vivaldi Metal Project - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Manuel Gonzalez
Born on: 25.05.1962


Anders Johansson (born 25 May 1962 in Gothenburg) is a Swedish musician. He is the son of Jan Johansson, famous jazz pianist and brother of keyboardist Jens Johansson.

The first instrument Anders played was the piano, but at the age of 14, after a bicycle accident, he switched to drums. From 1979 through 1982 he attended an electronics engineering school.

In 1984 he moved to the United States to join his brother Jens in Yngwie Malmsteen's band. He recorded 5 albums and made 5 tours with Yngwie. After that, he worked with a huge number of artists, like bassist Jonas Hellborg ( " E "), Benny Jansson (" Virtual Humanity "), by himself (" Shu-Tka ") and with his brother Jens (" The Johansson Brothers ").

He initially joined HammerFall on the "Legacy" tour in 1999, at first only as a session drummer but later as a full-time member.

He is co-founder of Heptagon Records AB with his brother, created to promote their discs, their father's and some other Swedish musicians' work.

Anders was a guest drummer on Narnia's album The Great Fall. Anders is best known for his time in Yngwie's band, besides his present role as HammerFall's drummer. He has been praised for his technical talent, in metal as well as other genres.