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Alessandro Pace


1999- The Foreshadowing - guitars  
2002-2006 Klimt 1918 - guitars  
2005-2007 Dope Stars Inc. - lead guitar  

Personal information

Also known as: Alex Vega
Born on: 20.05.1977

Pace was born May 20, 1977 in Rome, Italy. He grew up there where he began playing guitar casually in death metal bands in the early 1990s. In 1996 he joined the band Spiritual Ceremony until he quit soon after. He soon began writing his own songs for an unnamed doom metal and gothic band which never got past development stages due to trouble with finding band members. In 2001, Pace joined Spiritual Front as guitarist. He got to play live shows with them and he felt it was a good learning experience. He recorded a 7" EP with Hauruck and a split EP with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio until he joined Klimt 1918 in April 2002.

Pace left Spiritual Front in 2003 and went on to record two studio albums with Klimt 1918; Undressed Momento in 2003 and Dopoguerra in 2005. Also in late 2004, Victor Love, lead singer of Dope Stars Inc. and friend of Pace through other bands, asked Pace to join the band as a replacement guitarist for former member Brian Wolfram. Pace agreed and finished up recording for their debut album, Neuromance, which released in mid-2005. Love stated that Wolfram did not quit but that they wanted a new guitarist and that Pace completed the line-up and that "he contributed a lot for Neuromance even if he joined so late." With Dope Stars Inc., Pace assumed the stage name Alex Vega that would stick with him during his time with the band.

Pace kept with Klimt 1918 until 2006 where he quit and became exclusive to Dope Stars Inc.. He then recorded the EP Make A Star and the full album Gigahearts with them, both of which released in 2006. In 2007, soon after the release of Gigahearts, Pace left Dope Stars Inc. for "personal reasons" Meanwhile, The Foreshadowing, a band that Pace had begun in 1997 but never officially formed joined together in 2006 and have since released a full album, Days Of Nothing, have recently finished to work on their second album, Oionos, which has been released on April 2010.