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Ian Kenneth Åkesson


1992-1994 Dimmu Borgir - guitars (as Tjodalv)  
1992-1995 Old Man's Child - drums (as Tjodalv)  
1995-1999 Dimmu Borgir - drums (as Tjodalv)  
1998- Susperia - drums (as Tjodalv)  
1999-2000 Old Man's Child - drums (as Tjodalv)  
2005- Gromth - drums (as Tjodalv)  
2005-2012 Black Comedy - drums (as Tjodalv)  
2017- Abyssic - drums (as Tjodalv)  
2022- Thyruz - drums (as Tjodalv)  

Live musician

2017-2019 Abyssic - drums (as Tjodalv)  

Guest musician

1997 Nocturnal Breed - drums (as Tjodalv)  

Personal information

Also known as: Tjodalv
Born on: 22.02.1976

Tjodalv (real name Ian Kenneth Åkesson) is a Norwegian drummer. He is a founding member of both Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child. He now plays in Black Comedy and Susperia. Tjodalv played guitar on the first Dimmu Borgir albums Inn I Evighetens Mørke and For All Tid. He then switched to drumming for them on Stormblåst and continued with this until 1999. Due to his family and musical differences he left Dimmu Borgir on amicable terms. He was replaced by Nicholas Barker, former drummer of Cradle Of Filth.

Shortly before leaving Dimmu Borgir, he founded the group Susperia, with whom he remains active to date.