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Tom Geldschläger


2013- Fountainhead - guitars, fretless guitar, bass, fretless bass, piano, keyboards  
2014-2015 Obscura - guitars  
2017- Amogh Symphony - guitars  

Studio musician

2012- The Pitts Minnemann Project - guitars (as Fountainhead)  
2015 The Fractured Dimension - guitars (as Fountainhead)  
2019 Shaped In Dreams - oud  

Live musician

2015- Nader Sadek - guitars  
2016- Defeated Sanity - guitars  

Guest musician

2014 Hannes Grossmann - guitars  
2016 Counter-World Experience - guitars (as Fountainhead)  
2016 Hannes Grossmann - guitars  
2016 Adrian Weiss - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Fountainhead
Born on: 06.03.1984

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Fountainhead is the alter-ego of guitar player / composer / producer Tom Geldschläger. Currently operating from his studio in Berlin, Germany, Tom has appeared on countless records as a guitar player, arranger, producer, mixing-engineer and sometimes keyboard player. He´s recorded and toured with artists like Ray Riendeau, Marco Minnemann, Jimmy Pitts, Xell, Hannes Grossmann, The Living (etc.), has been featured in various music-magazines around the globe and is currently the lead-guitarist for internationally-acclaimed band Obscura.

He´s currently endorsed by Steinberg Software, Loxx Products, Soultool Guitars and GoodTone Pickups, from which "Fountainhead signature" guitar models and pick-ups are available. His solo EP "Fear Is The Enemy" and accompanying music-video received rave reviews in 2013 and marked the start of a whole series of new releases by Fountainhead - Part 2, "Reverse Engineering" has been anounced for 2014.