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Elina Siirala


2011-2016 EnkElination - vocals  
2016- Leaves' Eyes - vocals  
2016- Angel Nation - vocals, keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 27.10.1983

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"Music really runs in my veins as my whole family are musicians and I'm the third generation of teachers. My passion for singing started from a very young age and I went on to study a degree in classical music in Helsinki. During this time I performed in operas and concerts and came third in a Melartin Lied competition. After finishing my studies I still wanted to broaden my knowledge so I decided to move to London where I spent another year studying contemporary styles. By this time I had also been teaching throughout the 6 years and wrote a lot of music. I've been fronting my own band EnkeliNation since 2011 and played numerous gigs including Bloodstock festival."