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Meiju Enho


2001-2007 Ensiferum - keyboards  
2020- Coldbound - keyboards, vocals  

Live musician

2004-2005 Finntroll - keyboards  

Personal information

Meiju Enho, born in 1981 in Finland, is the former keyboard player of the Finnish Viking/folk metal band Ensiferum. Meiju joined the band in 2001 following the release of their debut album Ensiferum and played on all subsequent releases until her departure in 2007.

Meiju has also performed as a touring musician for Finntroll, another Finnish folk metal band, when their regular keyboard player Trollhorn was unavailable.

It was announced that Meiju had left the Ensiferum on September 10 2007. in a statement on the bands website, she said:-
"I've now reached the moment in my life when I need to stay out of the battle. It's time for somebody else to take my place in Ensiferum. These almost 6 years have been totally unforgettable but also rough. After giving my absolutely 100% to this music, playing and shows I now feel exhausted but happy; it has been worth it. Nevertheless, I feel now it's time for me to head out for new adventures."