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Entombed - Biography



Back when Entombed was known as Nihilist.


The band Nihilist is formed, consisting of Alex and Nicke throughout their two years, with LG and Uffe in and out of the band. They release a few demos, before splitting up for a few months. The band reform, now named Entombed, the line-up now being LG, Nicke, Uffe and David Blomqvist, but Alex is soon in the band, replacing David.
They make the demo "But Life Goes On", and get a deal with Earache Records.

Entombed record the album "Left Hand Path" - a killer death affair. Bass duties were shared between Nicke and Uffe.

Entombed Line-Up 1990: Nicke, Uffe, L-G, Alx

Lars Rosenberg is recruited on bass. LG Petrov is sacked for falling out with Nicke. 12" single "Crawl" is released with singer Orvar Säfström on vocals. They record the album "Clandestine", with Nicke singing on it and they get a guy called Johnny Dordevic as their new singer. Clandestine gained the band some real attention, and they followed it with touring in USA and Europe.

Entombed Line-Up 1992: Nicke, Uffe, Alx, Jonny, Lars

Release "Stranger Aeons" single to coincide with the "Gods Of Grind" tour of Europe, with Carcass, Cathedral and Confessor - Entombed headlining. Just prior to the tour, Dordevic leaves, and LG Petrov is re-recruited permanently.

"Hollowman" is released, followed straight away by "Wolverine Blues", which is a real breakthrough outside of Sweden. The band wins a host of awards that year - really starting to enjoy success. A successful tour follows in support of Napalm Death.

Entombed Line-Up 1993: L-G, Nicke, Alx, Lars, Uffe

"Out Of Hand" single released.

Entombed release a split single with New Bomb Turks - featuring their recording of "Night Of The Vampire". Late in '95, Lars Rosenberg is replaced on Bass by Jörgen Sandstrom, singer/bassist from a Swedish band called Grave.

The band signs to a new management company (Dave Thorne Management), and in turn change labels from Earache to Music For Nations. The year begins with a tour of Sweden, with fellow Swedish bands Refused and Fireside in tow. They then spend most of the remainder of the year in Sunlight Studios, recording "To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth". Earache release "Entombed", a compilation of singles, B-sides, etc.

Entombed Line-Up 1996: Nicke, Jörgen, L-G, Alx, Uffe

Music For Nations releases "To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth" in March, and the band goes on tour for the rest of the year around Europe. In October, mid-tour, Nicke leaves Entombed to work full-time with his side-band The Hellacopters. The band take Peter Stjärnvind (of Face Down) on tour, and they get on so well that they recruit him as their full-time replacement for Nicke.The band is awarded Kerrang!'s Spirit Of Independance Award, for the "To Ride...." album, which is voted top of many reader's polls in Rock/Metal magazines.

The year is started with some more European shows, followed by Entombed's first trip to Japan, then onto Australia, and finally onto America. Returning from touring, April until September is spent making "Same Difference" - the first album without Nicke, who before had had a major part in the songwriting. The album is released in November. Entombed play the UK Ozzfest in June, taking a break from recording. Earache release the live Monkey Puss CD and video.The band then record the cover songs for the "Black JuJu" EP, and in November/December they tour Scaninavia with Meshuggah.Manager Dave starts working for Sanctuary Management, whom Entombed are now with.

Entombed Line-Up 1998: Uffe, L-G, Jörgen, Peter, Alx

Extensive touring begins the year, with Skinlab and Medula Nocte as the support bands. They extensively tour all around Europe, and finish off with a successful trip to Australia. The EP, "Black JuJu", is released on Man's Ruin records. The CD version contained 4 of the cover songs featured on some versions of "To Ride...." and the "Wreckage" EP. The idea of this was to provide these songs to American fans, as they hadn't previously been released over there. In May, Entombed entered the rehearsal room and started writing the album "Uprising". In October, they start recording the album in Das Boot studios in Sweden, with producer Nico Elgstrand. The vibe was so good that the whole album was recorded and mixed in only 18 days !!!

The album "Uprising" was scheduled for release in Europe on March 6th. 99% of fans and media loved the album. Indeed, it received many excellent magazine reviews all around the world. Following the album's release, Entombed went on tour around Europe, along with supporting Iron Maiden during more European and Canadian shows. The later part of 2000 was quieter, with a few shows around Scandinavia and writing material for the next album......

The first part of 2001 began with a few shows in Sweden, whilst the band concentrated on making their album "Morning Star". With the album release date in September, the band did a major European tour with Cathedral and 2 Ton Predator in support.