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Initially a studio-project band formed in late 2012, HEX was conceived by the seasoned bass player Adolfo WB, who was involved in several Basque bands during the early 90s, such as BEER MOSH, FROM THE CROSS, LEFT HAND RIDERS, IN THOUSAND LAKES, WALDHEIM or VHÄLDEMAR. With no other intention than paying tribute to the classic European Death metal sound from the early 90s, à la GOREFEST, BOLT THROWER or PARADISE LOST, a concept album about seven mortal sins called 'Deadly Sin' was released by him some time later.

HEX became a full band in 2016, completing the line-up current and former members of INCURSED, FEROSZ, VIRULENCY and QUAOAR, unleashing 'Let There Be Darkness' demoCD/EP with two new tracks with a revamped version of the song 'Anger'. The band took part of the 29th Villa de Bilbao Pop-Rock contest, being awarded the frst prize in the 'Metal' category over nearly 100 bands coming from all over Europe and Spain.

In early 2018, they recorded 'God Has No Name' with Sergio 'Rambo' Robles, which was mixed/mastered by Tristán Iñiguez at Auryn Studios. It contains seven pieces of heavy & utterly darkened Death/Doom metal inspired by the wrath of the ancient ones, for fans of: BOLT THROWER, GOREFEST, old PARADISE LOST, RUNEMAGICK or HAIL OF BULLETS.

HEX have expanded their sonic boundaries and enriched their lyrical offer by approaching a more focused and rational perspective against the believers of any deity (close to antitheism). Make no mistake, HEX is coming for you, believers…


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