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Foscor means "Darkness" in Catalan language; as an emotive walk through life and death conceptual approach? and experience across the solitary levels on the enriching individual learning.

Basing the imagery icons on the Catalan Modernism Art, the band's musical propose transcends Black Metal into a self language developed among different emotional landscapes.

1997. As a studio band, Flake and Fiar create Foscor, taking care only on music. Some compositions start to flow?

1999. With the own resources, a self studio called Notiflorous Productions start to grow? The first songs are recorded.

2000. Norax joins the line-up taking care on the vocals and lyrics. The recorded songs can be completed with vocal lines.

2001. 3 recorded songs are compiled for a first Promo CD, spread looking for a label agreement to release a complete album.

2002. It is released a split album CD/Tape with Xerion (Folk Black Metal), where apart of the 3 songs from Promo 2001, we included a cover song from the other band..

2003. We closed a first agreement with the French label Sacral Productions, and a first album is prepared for the coming release.

2004. Norax leaves the band and the line-up grows. Wilhkiem and Nechrist , from the Black Metal band Shemhamphorash, join forces and let Foscor perform live the Legacy.

2004. Entrance to the Shadow's Village is released by Sacral Productions as the first Foscor's first full-length.

2005/2006. The band spread the word on stage with different acts in Spain and France. Sharing stage with bands like: Kampfar, Necroschristos, Machetazo, Frostmoon Eclipse, Proclamation, Destinity, Ole Sinneir, Berserk, Otargos, Ered, ?.

2006. As a complete line-up, 2 covers from Katatonia are recorded for a Tribute album called December Songs released by the German label Northern Silence Productions.

2006. Using the recorded material as a pre-production for the second album. Narrow is the Path to Darkness? is the name of the new Promo CD, with 4 tracks spread trying a new label to collaborate with, after Sacral Production disappearing.

2007. Oaken Shield (adipoeere Records, sub-label), after to buy the first album license, re-releases Entrance to the Shadows's Village with bonus tracks.

2007. It's closed a deal with Temple of Darkness Records for the release of the second album, the first one with the complete line-up. Under the name The Smile of the Sad Ones the album is released on September 2007 with a big promotion campaign and a live acts approach to Portugal. Concerts with Forgotten Tomb, Swallow the Sun, Decayed, Corpus Christii, Handful of Hate completes the best way the bans has to develop his Dark Black Metal.

2008. The band starts the year recording an exclusive song for their contribution to the painter Arnold Bocklin, called Toteinsel, to be the second album, it lets the band spread due o new channels.

2008. There is planned a split 7" EP with the band Necrosadist, under the flag of Necroterror Records, to be released some time during the current year.

2008. After a deep redesign and contents improvement to the website, the band starts the composition sessions for the third album material. A new wave of concerts are planned. France and Spain again on the route, together with Shining, Farsot, Nehmah, Blodsrit, Barlog, etc

2010. The long awaited split 7" "Onsalught of Black Putrefaction" for Necroterror Records with Necrosadist is released.

2011. 10 years since the first Promo release. Stigia Management becomes the Booking Agency of the band while a new contribution for a Tribute album: "ÖND - A Tribute to Enslaved", is on the way to be released by Pictonian Records.

2012. Commemorative DVD " Deu Anys Vers la Foscor" under the new label Darkwoods is released, to celebrate the 2001-2011 period.

2014. New period for Foscor. New single out october the 3rd and 4th album releasing on 25th November.

(source: http://www.foscor.comp)