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Woomera - Biography


Three obsessed musicians create a musical painting with colors from progressive rock and post-metal. Their live performance mesmerizes the audience with the sound of imploding mountains and the intimacy of growing trees.
Started as a school band from Ulm, Germany, Woomera produced with a lot of technical enthusiasm their first self-titled Woomera EP. The result was still unpolished, but also setting the path for the future. The collection of songs written up to that point sounded like the beginning of a progressive rock anecdote - [band]Karnivool/[band], Radiohead and TesseracT enter a bar ... but the punch line was still missing. The trio gained some concert experience already at that time and played among others as support for The Hirsch Effekt, Like Lovers and Flares.

The spark that inspired the next work ignited during a trip to the azure coast in South-France. The upcoming release should be more ambitious. Be bigger. Be a little bit overwhelming. And so, Woomera retreated backstage to focus entirely on the songwriting process. The newly created songs brought the mystical character of the band into the spotlight and the band itself one step closer to its vision - "Redefining our own boundaries instead of being limited by them." All the steps, from tracking the instruments and mastering to designing the artwork, were done meticulously by the band members themselves.

With Caustics Of A Tidal Spirit, released in August 2020, Woomera has developed their own style, without denying their influences. Elements that are reminiscent of The Mars Volta, Tool or The Contortionist complement each other to a spectacularly flowing painting.
A painting that unfolds live in an unrestrained happening. In the sheer acrobatic performance, ecstatic moments alternate with quiet meditative passages like in a ritual. The release marks the beginning of a new phase for Woomera. Full of magical live moments and meaningful experiences.