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Lunatica - Biography




Lunatica has been brought to life in winter 1998. The first songs, written by Alex and Sandro, have built the foundation of this band. After a long search for a lead singer, in 2001 the band found Andrea. With her beautiful voice, she has given something special to the songs and she immediately recorded the lead vocals for the debut album "Atlantis".

"Atlantis" has been very successful and Lunatica was booked for many concerts and festivals. Playing at Metaldayz festival (the biggest metal open air festival in Switzerland) Lunatica was elected "best newcomer band" and gained a lot of new fans.

For the second album "Fables & Dreams" the band worked together with the successful producer Sascha Paeth. He is known for productions as Rhapsody, Kamelot, Angra, After Forever, Edguy and Heavens Gate. Sascha Paeth created the powerful production Lunatica desired. The songs are better developed and the band had more time to compose and arrange them, something you can?t ignore in comparison to "Atlantis".

"Fables & Dreams" has been released Feburary 16th 2004 in Switzerland and climbed directly to place 13 of the Swiss Internet Charts. Even three months later "Fables & Dreams" is still among the top 100 of the Swiss selling charts. The single release "Fable Of Dreams" has been played by many Swiss radio stations (Radio 32, Radio Schaffhausen, Radio DRS 3, Radio Argovia, Radio 105, Radio Basel 1).

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