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Abruptum was formed in 1990 by IT and All. IT had planned to create the band already in 1987 but it wasn't until 1990 that he found the right member to do it. The same year they recorded their first two demos. After the release of the first demo they kicked out their bass player Ext. After the release of a 7" EP, called simply called Evil, in 1991 (later re-released by Psychoslaughter) All began to drink heavily and was forced to leave the band. IT then found a new member in Evil from the young band Marduk. The band became kind of famous very much thanks to the fact that IT was one of the leaders within what was called the Satanic Black Circle. As IT left the scene completely after several events within the circle and threats to him and his family, Morgan continued the band on his own, and decided to put an end to Abruptum in 2005.

Source: MySpace