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1998: The original line-up takes form and consists of Jacob Magnusson (Guitars, Vocals) Niclas Linde (guitars) Åke Wallebom (bass) and Max Seppälä (drums). Rehearsals begin on a weekly basis.

1999: The band finally have enough money (and songs) to record their first demo CD 'Caress the Abstract', a five-track rocker recorded during 7 days at Los Angered outside Gothenburg. The CD is sold through the website to almost 300 fans from various corners of the world such as Taiwan, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and many more.

2000: Another demo is released, but still broke from the money-devouring first demo, the band can only afford to release the three new songs in mp3 format. The idea was not to sell this one, but to burn CDs and send to record labels and magazines, hence the name 'Promo 2000'. The band is invited to open for In Flames on the release party of their CD 'Clayman', but someone fucked the booking up so the whole thing was re-arranged in Gothenburg instead of Stockholm, where it was initially being held.

2001: Two demos and still no record contract put a strain on the bands creativity, and despite 15 hrs of rehearsals each week things moved very slowly. Åke Wallebom decided to leave the band and a few new members came and went (a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist), but the biggest problem lay in the song writing. There was a lot of experimenting, and finally the new sound differed so much from the original two demos that the band decided to take a break and figure out what to do.

2004 - December: After three years of hard work with a different band, and three years of people STILL sending e-mails wanting to buy 'Caress the Abstract' and 'Promo 2000', Eventiders Jacob and Max decide to record a third Eventide demo. If not for fun, then at least for the fans still hanging in there. Their newly built studio could not have served a better purpose.

2005: Writing begins in the first week of January and is recorded almost immediately. Thomas Magnusson, Jacob's brother, joins the band to play bass. Another good friend, Jonas Sjölin joins in to play the guitar, and the band is rehearsing for the first time in 4 years. Unfortunately, Jonas has to quit shortly thereafter due to personal reasons. In the meantime Max contacts a record label that wanted to sign Eventide in 2001, to see if they're still interested. Discussions goes on for half a year but in the end, the band decides it's better to press the demo themselves and sell it to the awaiting fans, just like they did with 'Caress the Abstract' in 1999.

2006 saw the release of their debut full-length 'Diaries from the Gallows' on Cartel Media and the band plan to release four new songs around the very end of 2007.

2008 - Eventide releases a 4-track demo called "Planet plague".

2009 - Writing and recording of an upcoming second fullength album.

2010 - The band is in the final stages of recording and mixing the upcoming fullength album titled "The beast and the machine".

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