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Aeon was formed in the Swedish town of Östersund in 1999 by vocalist Tommy Dahlström, guitarists Sebastian Nilsson and Morgan Nordbakk, bassist Johan Hjelm and drummer Arttu Malkki of the newly broken up band Defaced Creation, in order to proceed with more modern style of death metal. A demo was recorded that year including the songs "Return of Apolluon", "Eternal Hate", "With Blood they Pay", "The Awakening", "Bloodlust" and "Hell Unleashed".

In 2001, Aeon released Dark Order EP, with the same tracklist as the demo, via Necropolis Records. That year, Nordbakk was replaced by Daniel Dlimi, who subsequntly started to contribute also as a songwriter. In 2002, after Malkki left the band, Aeon was joined by Nils Fjellström and started to work on a studio album, which was recorded from October 2003 to February 2004 and released in September 2005 under the title Bleeding the False thru Unique Leader.

In April 2006, the band toured with Cannibal Corpse in Europe and signed a record deal with Metal Blade Records in July. Hjelm departed from Aeon in mid-2006, but Max Carlberg filled his position in September. The second full length album, Rise to Dominate, was recorded in April 2007 at Empire Studio, mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios and released in September 2007. Fjellström joined Dark Funeral on a tour in October 2007, but rejoined Aeon in February 2008.

During 2008, Aeon started to work on the next studio album. In January 2009, the band toured in Europe with Hate Eternal, Misery Index and See You Next Tuesday. In September, Carlberg departed and was replaced by Victor Brandt of Satyricon. The members commented Carlberg's departure: "Being on tour in a not-so-known death metal band like Aeon often means really tough conditions and bad economy. We totally understand that not everyone can put up with this way of life." The band subsequently recorded its third studio album, Path of Fire, at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden. Nilsson and Dlimi recorded also the bass, because Brandt did not have enough time to learn the songs. The album was mixed the following month at Mana Recording Studios in St, Petersburg, Florida by Erik Rutan. In January 2010, Brandt departed and was replaced by Marcus Edvardsson of Souldrainer and Sanctification.

Path of Fire was released on May 21/24 2010 in Europe and on May 25 in the U.S. via Metal Blade Records. In June, Aeon released a music video for "Forgiveness Denied" and Dlimi commented on the theme of the song and video: "There have been a lot of scandals revealed lately, regarding priests (especially catholic ones) who have been abusing children sexually. In my world, there is nothing more innocent than a child, and the ones who abuse a child sexually will never be forgiven. In my opinion, they deserve to die a horrible, painful death. We want to dedicate this song/video to them, the filthy fucking priests who have laid a hand on a child sexually; we hate you, and want you dead."

In September 2010, Fjellström announced his withdrawal from Aeon and from Dark Funeral for personal reasons. The band started to seek a replacement. Malkki rejoined the band in November.

As of June 2012, the band is recording their next studio album.