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Thyrane - Biography


Thyrane was originally formed in 1994 when Blastmor, the mastermind of the band, and two other musicians began playing their first chords of blasphemy. After writing some songs and going through several changes within the line-up, Blastmor finally found the dedicated guitarist Daemon and bass player R. Grönholm in 1996, and so the banner of evil was finally raised high. In 1997, Thyrane's music evolved to a higher level and it became apparent that the band needed a second guitarist: Avather joined and so Thyrane entered Tico-Tico Studio in the following December and their first satanic attack was created in the form of the incredible "Black Harmony"-demo, which led to a deal with Woodcut Records, who re-released the demo on CD. Thyrane's first full-length, "Symphonies of Infernality", also recorded and mixed at the Tico- Tico Studio, was released in 1999. After finishing "Symphonies of Infernality", R. Grönholm left the band due to personal reasons. Daemon was forced to take over the bass, and Blastmor moved over to lead guitar while also handling the vocals. The band also found a session drummer to play their live gigs. A year later, Spikefarm Records signed Thyrane and they began recording their second full-length album.

"The Spirit of Rebellion" saw the darkness of the night in December 2000. Soon after the release, HM, who joined the forces in summer 2000 as a session keyboardist, became a permanent member. The album stormed the metal scene with the strength and velocity of a Satanic freight train gone amok. The ferocity and sheer brilliance of Thyrane's songwriting left both critics and audiences completely stunned and due to the limited availability of the demo, Thyrane decided to let Spikefarm re-release "Black Harmony" in conjunction with The Dead Beginners' MCD. After the release of the split album, Thyrane embarked on a European tour with Ancient and Stormlord, Tour visited in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary and included 17 gigs.

The following period was a slow one for the band, as the new material would take its time to form. Filled with new ideas and perspectives on how the Thyrane sound could be developed, the band has crafted an intriguing sonic tapestry that seamlessly weaves together both industrial and black metal into something that sounds like an unholy, futuristic missile headed to spread destruction to all corners of the world. The shows Thyrane has played between "The Spirit..." and their new effort "Hypnotic" (the first one to be licensed to Century Media Records for the territories of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux and North America) certainly have formed the band into an incredibly tight unit, a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is as sharp and meticulously crafted as the finest razorblade and as destructive as an air-bubble in your veins.

At the beginning of 2005 and after eight years, Avather announced to be leaving the band due to personal reasons. Instead of starting the search for replacement to the second guitar, Thyrane decided to concentrate on the recordings of the next album "Travesty of Heavenly Essence". The new material once again proves the innovative side of the band as they move forward while staying true to their sound, combining aggression and groove in deadly proportions. KrisTonic, who had played the session drums with the band for five years, was now the official drummer.

The band disbanded officially May 2006, and reformed in 2016 with a partially new line-up.