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The Company of Maniacs started with two metal heads: Cédric Iseli (drums) and Jonas Schmid (vocals, guitar). As lonesome metal heads in their teenage years at school they hooked up to celebrate their favorite music: Heavy Metal. With Overkill, Coroner, and Sepultura as main influences, they made their way through the cover-period into songwriting. A lot of ideas and smashing riffs later, they had 5 songs ready for action and rehearsal! It was April 2012 in our counting when they entered a small cowshed - a friends “recording studio” - to record their songs. The very first demo release was ready and was called “Cowshed Demo”. They got backup in no time. Raymond Weibel (bass) and Dominic Blum (lead guitar) were blown away by the cowshed demo and joined Comaniac in summer 2012. The four maniacs from Aarau, Switzerland were soon ready to hit the stages - just weeks after their first rehearsal. In December 2012 Comaniac found themselves in a professional recording studio to record their second demo. “Tumor Troop” was released in summer 2013 and recognized not only in the local but also the international press. Cédric comments, “In early 2013, when we suddenly had our full line up and a decent demo, we had something in our hands! Venues and press started to give us some recognition and noticed our passion for Heavy Metal music!” By the end of 2013, Comaniac played in several cities and gathered a lot of live experience such as a Supporting Act for Thrash legends Coroner and Toxik. But there was something quietly growing beside the shows... In early 2014, Comaniac recorded their brand new song «Killing Tendency» to announce their debut album to be released in early 2015. Jonas says, “We knew right from the beginning that it is essential for a band to write and release new music. We have to let people know we’re working hard on our music and are keeping to it. There was no day off from improving our song material!” With a professional music video clip to be released in February and with the release of their debut album “Return to the Wasteland”, Comaniac again wants to go a step further on their way. And will!

Source: ReverbNation