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Odroerir - Biography




Meanwhile Odroerir exists since autumn of 1998 and some winters are past till today and many things are happened, which I (Fix) want to offer the interested reader now in the following essay:

In the first days I started Odroerir as a project where Fenrir, a long-time friend, wants to provides me with lyrics and another friend, Heinz, started to play bass for a short time.

From the start the music was intended to be a calmer and more epic form of "Pagan Metal", where the folklore/medieval melodies should dominate. Wittingly without speed-attacks or double bass drumming but with different nature-instruments, different vocals and other stylistic devices. (in retrospect it was not every time easy to accomplish)

I have to admit, that most of all the Viking albums of Bathory induced me to go this way, but there are also other influences for my music.

Also the texts should reveal my own interests: the multifaceted topic of Germanic and Celtic mythology, the pre- and early history of the heathen Europe, all about the life, the death and the history of our ancestors. No moronic platitudes about "super-Aryans" or childish lyrics like " I'm a evil Nordic warrior, I have to slay all Christian people?" and of course no esoteric nonsense but a new interpretation about old legends, fairytales and rhymed disquisitions about verifiable historical events.

By mutual consent Fenrir left the band after some time, because the collaboration had not really worked. What a shame! But furthermore he helped us out, for example to create the layouts of our first releases and in the first time to help us with our internet presentation.
Since this time I written the texts by myself but some ideas of Fenrir are used on our first CD (like to set to music the legend of Iring).

In November of 1998 we completed an advance demo tape with the help of session musicians. The tape contained 4 unfinished tracks without vocals and was recorded purely for the then involved parties and Christoph Dobberstein of Ars Metalli (at this time a well known and expanding label), who had proclaimed his interest in the band a while before.

At the end of 1999 I restructured the band to enable live activities. Ivonne was suggested by a friend, Stickel I knew since some time and I did know that he play's guitar and feels like to work with me. Philipp was suggested by our producer and Ralph I knew from work and he was known as "band-bitch" absolutely.