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Fleshless - Biography

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Fleshless was born in 1994 and first release was "Stench of Rotting Heads" (1993)demo and "Grinding"(1994) demo /we sold more than 1000 copies from each demo tape/ !!!..1996 : Our first split CD / MC with Mastic Scum on Ohne Maulkorb Production..we sold more than 2000 copies of this CD and about 800 pieces of cassetes.. The drum machine was a part of FLESHLESS for their two CDs: GRINDGOD and ABHORRENCE OF CADAVERIC. As of the new, 2001 CD, NICE TO EAT YOU, the band has a returned with a flesh ;& blood pulsing drummer, Vitys, in their line-up.

FLESHLESS played over 500 gigs in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, Belgium, Malta, USA,South America,Latvia, Serbia.etc....
The first FLESHLESS tour was entitled "PEDOPHILE PARADISO TOUR ´98" and and the band had hit these countries - Czech Republic, Slovak republic, Germany, Malta - with such brutal bands as Beheaded (Malta), Resurrected (Germany), Bonehouse (Germany), Fleshcrawl (Germany), Centinex (Sweden) etc.March/April 1999 - CD FLESHLESS "Grindgod" released, including complete demo "Grinding".April 1999 : GRINDGOD OVER USA TOUR '99, about 10 gigs over all USA, also with Lividity,Pessimist, Deaden etc.

In 2000, the CD "Aborrence of Cadaveric" was released. As a bonus there was included the Fleshless part of the split tape w/Disfigured and an interactive CD-ROM track was added on the CD as well. Summer 2000 and Milwaukee Metal fest was our second chance to play in USA and it was a great time for us..we enjoyed this festival
November the 9th. The band flew to Los Angeles and performed 1 festival called NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER there. On November the 15th, the band played as a Napalm Death's support back home in the Czech republic. October 2001, the actual CD "Nice To Eat You" has been released. This time with a human drummer. Summer 2002 : European Tour with Rotten Sound /grind masters!!!/ and Lykathea Aflame.January/ February 2003 : South American Tour in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru..was absolutelly best time for Fleshless..many great gigs, crazy fans and great people and mystic places..thanks for everybody who help us there /Diego, Erika, Ruth, David/RIP/, Jarda, Curby..Rest of year 2003 : many great gigs like a Obscene Extreme festival , many gigs with Haemorrhage, Lividity, Master in Czech republic,Switzerland, Germany, festival in Serbia / MontenegroOctober 2003 : We recorded our new CD called "Sensual Death Immitation"..releease date was December 20032004 : 2th April we played with Cannibal Corpse, Exumed , Kataklysm in Prag on NO MERCY fest 2004 European tour with Surgical Dissection and Laniena Mentis in April 2004 /germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech republic/single gigs in Germany, Slovakia, Obscene Extreme festival, Volyne Open Hell, Brutal Assault fest etc...FLESHLESS played also as support for: Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Malevolent Creation, Six Feet Under, Hypocrisy, Vader, Samael, Fleshcrawl, Centinex, Dying Fetus...

2005 - 2006 - Brand new CD TO KILL FOR SKIN .. European Tour with Goratory , Desecration..lot of gigs and festivals like Grind the Nazi Scum ( 2006 - headliner of saturday) , Mountains Of Death (Switzerrland), Hard taste fest in Germany ( 2006 - headliner of friday) , Grind Your Mother (Italy) , Obscene Extreme, NRW Deathfest , Zittau Death fest (Germany), Morbidee festival (Germany) , Drachten Deathfest (Holland), etc...

2007 : Big live promotion on European gigs (like Czech republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia..)

Discography :

Stench of Rotting Heads (demo 1993)

Grinding (demo 1994)

split MC w / Disfigured (1996)

split CD w / Mastic Scum (1996)

Grindgod (CD 1999) Obscene Production

Abhorrence off cadaveric (CD 2000) Obscene Production

Split w / Czech assault (2001 Relapse Records)

Nice To Eat you (CD 2001) Obscene Production

Sensual Death Immitation (CD 2003) Obscene Production

To Kill For Skin (CD 2005) Obscene Production