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Krieg - Biography



Krieg was formed in 1995 with the intent of creating only primal blacknoise. Several recordings were realized but nothing was released except the 1996 demo "Endless Path." This demo was spread throughout northern america and european territories close to 500 times.

In 1997 Imperial changed names to Krieg in order to avoid confusion with an unoriginal rock and roll band from Europe whose label had better lawyers. With the help of session musicians Krieg recorded their first full length, "Rise of the Imperial Hordes," a chaotic mix of hateful black metal and brooding, melancholy passages. This was released to CD format through Blood Fire Death Records in 1998. Later that year Krieg recorded the tracks ultimately appeared on a split CD with Judas Iscariot, Eternal Majesty, & Macabre Omen released on SpikeKult Records. Krieg also recorded a 2nd full length, 'Sono iL Scherno" but released only some of the tracks through their split with Kult ov Azazel (Genocide Music)

From late 1999-2001 Krieg was possessed with resources and material and began anew their strike against commercialized black metal. Earlier recordings had been collected (The Black Plague, Warhammer Records) and new assaults were born (The Church-Destruction Ritual, Red Stream Records) Krieg also took part in the North American Black Metal Invasion with Godless North, Inquisition and Secrets of the Moon. The future holds more nihil khaos as Krieg will continue it's campaign of human depopulation through new recordings and vinyl strikes.

Imperial also has taken up vocals for Weltmacht and particpated in both Judas Iscariot performances.