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Formed in the year 2000, these hybrid metallers mix clean vocals with death metal, sprinkled with an amount of heroic power on top. After releasing two demos, "The Discipline of Steel"(2002) and "Born under the northern lights"(2003) - which secured Kiuas a place among the top-ten semifinalists with other rising european bands in the historic "Young Metal Gods 2003" competition - Kiuas signed with the now almost legendary Rage of Achilles records.

In 2004 the mini-cd "Winter in June" was released and it soon became a huge underground success. At the same time Kiuas was already starting to get recognized as one of the most intense live acts in Hellsinki's fiery metal underground. After only a short stint of working together, the label had to eventually let their bands go due to financial problems, and Kiuas was cast out among others. The salvation came in the form of Spinefarm Records.

So the Kiuas saga continued with their debut album The Spirit of Ukko, an album paying homage to the Finnish Zeus: Ukko, the mightiest one! Springtime of 2005 saw the release of this melodic, aggressive and graceful debut that, not naming any influences, bore a streak of tantalizing resemblances to some good old metal bands.

After being released in Japan by Universal Music, the Spirit of Ukko was carried all the way to the land of the rising sun where Kiuas played their debut gig in Japan. After Japan Kiuas toured Finland extensively, and then headed to the studio to record a follower to their debut.

The recordings of "Reformation" were begun at the Sonic Pump Studios in Winter 2006, in Helsinki. Mixed and produced by Sonic Pump's Nino Laurenne, the album was then mastered at Finnvox.

Kiuas disbanded in 2013.