Abscess - Biography




1994... the earth splits in two and a band of ugly drunken freaks crawls out into the vast musical wasteland that the universe itself sought out to destroy! Abscess has always wanted to start a bio like that! Now that's out of the way, we can get to the real twisted deal. With Autopsy, Hexx and Immortal Fate all still twitching and foaming in the grave, Abscess like a deranged, disease ridden phoenix rises toward underground armageddon, unleashing torrents of madness, violence and insane debauchery.

The forecast was clearly for righteous craziness of the most filthy kind imaginable. Without hesitation or remorse, four outcast sickazoids, Clint Bower (guitars/vocals), Danny Coralles (guitars), Chris Reifert (drums/vocals) and Freeway Migliore (bass) began to lay waste to studios, clubs and rehearsal rooms with reckless abandon, and for the first couple of years of existence proceeded to be banned from every venue they played. Breaking microphones, unleashing blood and other strange fluids, destroying monitors, outraging club owners, commiting assorted acts of insanity, they did it all.

In 1997, Freeway left the band to be replaced by Joe Allen who took up the task with disturbing enthusiasm. In 2000 Joe left the band to be replaced briefly by Jim Mack on bass, a local friend and true maniac. Another chaos riddled gig ensued, proving Abscess was still a sick force to be reckoned with. Eventually, Jim Mack left Abscess and in 2002 Joe Allen rejoined with no intentions of leaving the freakish fold. Abscess started honing the live set and began focusing on musical depravity a bit more than club destroying depravity. That said, you still never know just what can or will happen at an Abscess show! Throughout all of this, Abscess has blasted out a plethora of repulsive releases with no end in sight. Be it raw gutter rockin' punk trash, deep psychedelic doom, or total skulldozing death, Abscess remains here to crush, rend and slay!

In June 2010, Abscess announced that "Clint Bower has left the band for personal reasons and out of respect to him and to all who have supported us for these 16 years, we have decided to call it a day."