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Absentation - Biography




Was formed in a country that doesn't support metal at all, no recording labels, no magazines or festivals to back it up. Absentation was originally formed in 2001 under the name [Epitaph] and the members were (Salah [Guitar and Vocals] - Raafat [Guitar and Bass]) but the band split-up in late 2002.

Later on in 2003 Salah formed Absentation, and he couldn't find anyone who is able to play this extreme genre. So it started as one man project and he recorded his first Demo in 2004 which was remixed and released in 2005 as an EP Album entitled (Death Chapter).

After that in mid 2006, Raafar and Hadi joined Absentation and started working on their next album which was recorded and mastered in early 2007 entitled (Mental battle Resurrection).

Later on in 2007 Absentatin signed with an American Records Label called [A Dark Philosophy] so the album (Mental Battle Resurrection) got re-released world wide as a full-length album.

During to some personal issues, Raafat left Absentation. But the band will continue the journey to spread the world with out any mercy to keep Death Metal Alive!