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The band was originally formed under the name Septic Flesh in March 1990. Their first MLP "Temple of The Lost Race" was released in December 1991. It was completely sold out and now is a real cult item. Two songs from this release and the song "Morpheus (The Dreamlord)" formed the "Morpheus Awakes"-promo that gained them a contract with Holy Records.

"Mystic Places of Dawn" was their first full length album, a journey to ancient mysteries and places of myth and fantasy. It was recorded on Storm Studio, with Magus Wampyr Daoloth as co-producer, and was released on April 1994. It was one of the first underground releases that presented to the audience, the combination of fast speeds and brutality with melodic atmospheric parts, the sound that later was labelled as "Dreamy Death Metal". The devastating track "Return to Carthage" was chosen from this album to appear on the Nuclear Blast's "Death Is Only The Beginning III" compilation.

One year later on June 1995 the band returned with "Esoptron". It was recorded again on Storm Studio with the help of Magus Wampyr Daoloth as co-producer. The result was a unique threnody exploring the chaotic ego in a dark romantic way. The tempo this time was slower, and the band inserted more doom elements to the music. On the other hand, the influences from the ancient Hellenic culture and music were at their peak.

The next album "Ophidian Wheel" came out on May 1997 and exceeded all expectations raising the popularity of the band. This time the band used Praxis Studio and Lambros Sfyris as co-producer. The addition of female vocals, with the help of Natalie Rassoulis, and the neoclassical influences that were brought from Chris A. (due to his studies on an English university of music), made the songs sound even more theatrical and technical. As for the lyrics, they were designed to form a mystical concept about the secret "engine" that generates change and motion in reality...

"A Fallen Temple" was the last album under the name Septic Flesh and the last cooperation of the band with Natalie Rassoulis. The band decided to close the first chapter on March 1998, presenting to the fans the hidden treasures of it's history, the extremely rare songs of "Temple of The Lost Race" MLP. For that purpose, they entered Praxis Studio to re-record the old material. In addition, they recorded five new songs to give a taste of the future. Songs like "Marble Smiling Face' and " The Eldest Cosmonaut" became soon very popular.
"The Eldest Cosmonaut" was the band's first videoclip. Later it was included in a special package, along with a MCD filled with 4 bonus tracks. The title of this release was representative of what would come... D.N.A, a Dark New Age of musical enchantment.

The success of the "Temple of Humiliations" tour, with Natron and Misanthrope as supporting bands, proved that the followers of the Dreamlord are indeed powerful and their legions have grown a Hell lot! The time was right for a big bold step forwards...

On the 12th of June 1999 started the "Revolution DNA", on the Swedish Studio Fredman (Arch Enemy, In Flames, Hammerfall etc.), with the help of Fredrik Nordström as producer. The result is simply, innovative metal music for the Dark New Age. This album is the final breath of the flesh and the birth from its burning ashes of the Chaostar. The new name has the aura of the dark sun that rules the infinite worlds. Songs as "Nephilim Sons", "Last Stop to Nowhere", "Age of New Messiahs", "Android", "Chaostar", are destined to haunt the dreams of those that will unlock the doors of Revolution DNA. One small taste is capable to leave one addicted to the intense guitar melodies, the sharp rhythm section and the ocean of experimental sampler sounds that stigmatise this album. The vocals of Spiros A. are more theatrical and soulful now. As for the performance of Sotiris V., it is electrifying! Surely, the fans of the band will be more than satisfied, as the band has developed the music in a refreshing way, without loosing the elements that were always on the core of its essence.
Two years have passed since the release of the " Revolution DNA" album the band decided to move forward and expand its horizons. HOLY RECORDS was too limited for their ambition, demands and musical genius, so they started working with HARVEST MUSIC management, looking for a label fitted to their musical abilities. The search was on for months and several negotiations with big labels, multinational and independent, took place. Contracts were reviewed, deals were discussed. Finally in late 2001, the band found its new home: the European death metal factory of the mighty HAMMERHEART RECORDS. The pact was done!

In summer 2002 they entered the infamous FREDMAN STUDIO once again in order to record the new masterpiece! After 6 weeks of intense recordings in the Swedish land, the new opus was ready: " Sumerian Daemons"! As it is clear from its title the new album is their fiercest album to date! Sheer brutality combined with their classic melodic lines, mixed with pure devilry and symphonic, operatic parts of the highest musicianship! Everything packed together in an unbelievable combo: aggression, speed, melody, profanity, classical orchestrations and a devious dark atmosphere which engulfs everything!

For the photo session and layout photos the art of the notorious Alahouzos brothers (the famous special FX duo) was summoned. With their help, the band managed to transform their nightmarish music into images! Such profanity has never printed on film before! The experience of the Alahouzos brothers in horror movies, gave to SEPTIC FLESH the sinister atmosphere other bands luck!

Be prepared for a piece of extreme art fuelled with visions from your worst nightmares! You have been warned...