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Highly rated ex-VAGABOND and THE SNAKES vocalist. Lande has a vocal capability that is world class, distinctive, rich and spanning a large range. As such the man is in high demand. The 2000 album boasts many of Lande's working partners past and present including TNT men guitarist Ronnie Le Tekrö and keyboard player Dag Stokke, THE SNAKES Sid Ringsby, ex-CONCEPTION guitarist Tore Ostby and MILLENIUM's Shane French and Ralph Santolla.

As Lande finished off recording as vocalist for a 2000 MILLENIUM release he was also inducted into the ranks of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's touring band although in keeping with the fluidity of the guitar maestro's band line up predictably enough his tenure would be brief. A second Tommy Hansen produced album, 'Worldchanger' arrived in October 2001 under the band name of JORN. Contributing musicians included guitarist Tore Moren, bass player Sid Ringsby and drummer Jan Aksel, the latter better known as 'Hellhammer' from Black Metal pioneers MAYHEM.

January of 2002 would see Lande's name linked to the MASTERPLAN project assembled HELLOWEEN refugees guitarist ROLAND GRAPOW and drummer Uli Kusch. The resulting MASTERPLAN album would be the first high profile outing to spread the news of Lande's abilities internationally. Lande would also session on the 2002 BRAZEN ABBOT album. Later that same year Lande announced he had severed ties with his former backing band.

JORN LANDE signed a solo deal with AFM Records, recording a fresh album 'Out To Every Nation' in the Summer of 2003. Musicians on this opus included bassist Magnus Rosèn of HAMMERFALL alongside the PAGAN'S MIND pairing of guitarist Jõrn Viggo Lofstad, and drummer Stian Kristoffersen.