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Lonewolf was born near Grenoble (France).

A first demo tape is recorded : "The Calling", with Félix (lead guitar), Jens (guitare and lead vocals), Roland (bass) and Renaud (drums), which got very good feedbacks in the heavy-metal underground and was sold more than 450 copies. It will be re-released in 2002 under the name of Walpurgis Night

The line-up has changed : Félix on drums, Stéphan on lead guitar, Jens on guitar and lead-vocals et Roland on bass. The 7" vinyl single "Holy Evil" was born the same year. Again, this record got very great reviews and feedbacks around the world (Japan, Greece, Germany, Belgium, USA, Portugal, Spain, etc...). More than 2000 copies were sold today.
In 1996, the band split up because a bad contract.

In 2000, a "test line-up" was formed, and, less than a year, "March Into The Arena" see the light, released and produced by Lonewolf with FELIX (drums), DRYSS (bass), MARK (lead guitar) and JENS (guitar and lead vocals). Cover and logo was made by the talented Jean-Pascal FOURNIER (Immortal, Edguy, Avantasia, Impaled Nazarene, Nightmare...). This album know good reviews in magazines fanzines, webzines, of many countries (Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, USA,...)

With spring 2001 came the contract with GOI MUSIC, a Spanish label. "March Into The Arena" was re-released and marketed in a bigger way, via promotions, distributions, etc... including a bonus track "Children of the Unlight"
In the year, Mark must leave the band. Few weeks later, Dams integrated Lonewolf on lead guitar. His first gig was with Grave Digger for their first show in France
September 2001, Lonewolf came back in studio; they made "Unholy Paradise". This album, the second one, includes 10 tracks will see the light in May 2003 under GOI MUSIC. Once again, the cover was made by the famous artist JP FOURNIER.

Lonewolf give a lot of gigs around France and beyond its borders, as the SwordBrother Festival et le Metal Bash in Germany, the Heavy Metal Holocaust in Greece... Lonewolf was on the same stage with GRAVE DIGGER, NIGHTMARE, MISANTHROPE, WIZARD, PAUL DiANNO, SABATON, PARAGON, DARK AGE, TORMENT and more...
In 2003, the 7" vinyl single "HELLENIC WARRIORS" is out, specially dedicated to Greek fans and friends who made LONEWOLF the first French Heavy Metal band to play in Greece.
2006, a third album best recorded, but in waiting for a new label and see the light. As Lonewolf is now without GOI MUSIC, the band is seeking a new label. To be continued...

As Dryss left France and LONEWOLF in September 2006 (now living in Québec and play bass in the Canadian Power Metal band ICEWIND), Alex HILBERT from (and still in) NIGHTMARE now play bass in Lonewolf only for concerts, by friendship.
Spring 2007, Lonewolf sign with the Greek label EAT METAL RECORDS, and the new opus "Made In Hell" should be out in November 2007.

ell" (2008) was also released by Eat Metal, and gained impressive feedback from underground press and fans all around the globe. The same year, Hard Rocker magazine (the biggest Polish printed magazine at that time) released "The Curse Of The Seven Seas" CD compilation, which was added for free to one of their issues.

The next studio album was recorded in summer of 2009, and featured bunch of special guests such as Majk Moti of Running Wild, and Jan Bunning of Paragon . "The Dark Crusade" - as it is the title of this most successful Lonewolf album - was produced by Bart Gabriel and mixed by the legendary Grammy nominated King Diamond guitarist, Andy LaRocque, who is also known from cooperation with acts such as Hammerfall, In Flames, and of course King Diamond.

In 2012, "Army Of The Damned" was released and the Wolves did a tour with Powerwolf, Mystic Prophecy and Stormwarrior. Shows over Europe were also planned.

Lonewolf's 6th album "The Fourth And Final Horseman" is released june 2013 by Napalm records and the band goes on the road again, playing festivals and gigs in Germany, Spain, Greece and France.

June 2014 sees Lonewolf signing a deal with the German label Massacre records, and the new album, "Cult of steel", will be released in october 2014.