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OTYG started out in the spring of 1995 as a celebration to the old Scandinavian folkmusic. At the begining it was a three piece band consisting of Vintersorg - vocals/guitars, Mattias - guitars and Stefan - drums. These three men had earlier played in a death/black metal band called "Blackburning Evening". But as they slowly were getting bored of their songs they decided to return to their northern roots, where melody and harmony is the basic thing.

Vintersorg came up with some songs which the other guys liked and so the musical direction was set. They got in touch with Daniel - bass, and it worked out great with him, and as he studied at the musical highschool he knew Cia - violin, and asked her to join in. As a full line-up they recorded their first demo tape called "Bergtagen" and to bring even more folkspirit into the music, Samuel - mouth harp, took part of the recording.

This demo wasn't spread around, only to friends. In Mars - 96 OTYG entered the studio again and recorded their second demo piece called "I trollskogens drömmande mörker". Now the record companies got interested, but it didn't end up with any contracts, and rehearsing was very good so they recorded their last demo called "Galdersång till bergfadern". Several record labels offered contracts but Napalm Records gave the best one, so they signed to them.

The next years saw the recording and release of CDs "Älvefärd" and "Sagovindars Boning". Between the two albums members Samuel and Stefan parted from the band for different reasons, and Otyg saw the arrival of current drummer Fredrik.

In the middle of March 2002 Mattias and Vintersorg declared that Otyg would not go on and their last album "Djävulen" which was meant to be released on Napalm Records in 2002 will probably remain unreleased.

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