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Ajattara - Biography


Ajattara is the sound of primordial nightmare. Attempting to describe their third album "Tyhjyys" (Finnish for "emptiness" in less abstract terms, one could always mention it is predominantly mid-tempo, riff-heavy Black Metal with distant, astral synths. Yet is true that is just a lame scratch on the surface when dealing with such a true enigma as Ajattara undoubtedly are.

As those fortunate enough to have created the obscure demos the main man Ruoja (guitars, vocals) created in his lone cabin in the woods during late nineties know, the Ajattara sound has been decidedly constant. The line-up was finally completed with Malakias I (drums) and ANTONI (bass) in preparation for the recording of the first album "Itse" ("self"). The album made a remarkable impact on the public with its brutal, yet crystal-clear sound and the sheer strength of the material itself. The album certainly deserved the rave reviews it got.

Special heed must be given to Ajattara lyrics, remarkable for being cliché-free and poetic, yet disturbing and haunting as only a bad dream arising from the deep rank soil of the local woodlands can be. Blood-feud, murder, moons rising crimson?to begin with. As with those who partake or the flesh of gods, the listeners of Ajattara will never be quite the same again.

The release of "Itse" also brought Ajattara out as a live-band, complete with additional three live-session musicians for maximum impact. Many successful shows later it was time for their sophomore album "Kuolema" ("death"), deadly as its name suggests and a logical follow-up to "Itse". The cold barren earth bid all welcome to its embrace -with no goobyes and no fancy headstones-, This was Black Metal Finnish style, with an oppressive aura that is not just façade. Depraved but genius. You just know they can help it. Classic stuff all through.

Enter album three "Tyhjyys" ("emptiness")sees Malakias I complete his service and retreat to the shadows again, with a veteran of many music styles, Malakias III replacing him. Ajattara goes on from strength to strength. While the harvest may be rotten, their scythe is sharper than ever.

Info taken from Spinefarm promo sheet