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(written in first person from Jimmy Lundqvidst)

Entrails took it's first tones around 1991 in a small converted woodshed in the village Linneryd outside of Växjö (SWE) with former mates Fredde, Tobbe, Billy and I, Jimmy. Me and my friend Fredde started the band Entrails at the end of 1990. We began to make some own material while we tried to put together a death metal band. After a while we got hold of Tobbe and Billy who joined the band. Heavily influenced by Swedish death metal and thrash we rehearsed the songs that I had done before the band took shape. After persistent headbanging in that woodshed we went to a studio and recorded a few songs, but the quality turned out bad, so there was never any demo made at that time. After some further bad studio recordings, and a small gig at Musik Direkt, the half set of the band lost their interest, so we decided to end the band for a while, and around 1998, the band died completely, since I was the only one having interest in the band, and I grew tired of that.

11 years later, a resurrection was a fact.

I was too nostalgic and said to myself that: Now, many years after the band died, my old songs must be recorded and a demo shall be made, so I started the band again on my own.. I listened to some old tapes with my old material from 1990, and I found 10 songs that I wanted to use on my first demo (there were plenty of songs to choose from). In 2009 my home studio was built and I could finally get started with the demo. There was a minor setback when the songs were done and I realised that I had no vocals in them. Fortunately, a friend to me (Mathias) arranged a singer named Jocke Svensson, (Birdflesh, Litania, Devilry) who helped me and had the voice I wanted. After mixing, now almost 20 years later, at last, Entrails full-length-demo "Reborn .." is done. Why the title?

'Cause Entrails is now reborn!!!

After a while when the demo had got some owners, some labels were getting in touch with me and some offers later, Gab from Nihilistc Holucaust was getting the rights to release a tape version of "Reborn". I went back to my studio and recorded another demo of the old songs and this one i called "Human Decay". Jocke was the man with the voice helping me again with the vocals. While making that demo, FDA Rekotz mailed and gave me an offer for making a fullength album of existing material. In October 2009, before the release of "Human Decay", I signed with FDA for the Entrails fullength, which was to be released in 2010.

In December I began to talk to a sessiondrummer named Fredrik Widigs from Stockholm, and we decided to use him as a drummer on the new upcoming album. Some weeks later, after I'd decided which songs should be on the album, I sent him the files with recorded guitars and some drum suggestions and let Fredrik do the rest. In the meantime I was talking to my old friend Mathias Nilsson to join Entrails as a rythm guitarplayer and be a part on the new album. He joined and learned the songs. Of course Jocke would handle the vocals once again.. Also my friend "Subtrocity" that had done the previous artwork, was contacted to make the awesome cover and finally I came up with the album title "Tales from the morgue".

In late April everything was recorded and sent to the legend Dan Swanö for mixing and mastering, After his magic work and for getting the sound we wanted, FDA pressed the album. In june 2010 the album finally had it's release.

I contacted Adde Mitroulis (Birdflesh, General Surgery) about playing drums for liveshows, and now the "new" Entrails shall face the world by turning back the time and go nostalgic once more.

Finally: It feels great to finally unleash the songs that never had the chance to be recorded 15-19 years ago.

Entrails doesn't come with something new in style.
Entrails doesn't follow the death metal scene of today
Entrails does what the swedish death metal did best 20 years ago.
Simply playing pure old school swedish death metal.

And there will be more!

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