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Gwynbleidd - Biography

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Founded and based in New York City, Gwynbleidd is a band whose four members all hail originally from Poland. It is this experience -- leaving one's homeland and relocating halfway across the world - that served as the original inspiration for the band's debut album, Nostalgia (out October 27, 2009 on BlackCurrant Music.) Gwynbleidd guitarist/vocalist Maciej Kupiszewski explains:

"The concept for the album started with the theme of nostalgia - memories of childhood and places left behind, influenced mainly by the fact that the members of the band all moved from Poland to the States in their early teens. Although the band is based in Brooklyn, New York, in the heart of the biggest city in the US, the music conveys a yearning toward primeval and pristine wilderness landscapes. We took this theme of nostalgia and developed a whole story around it - a paradoxical tale of yearning, deceit, and treason."

Nostalgia showcases Gwynbleidd's signature style, blending elements of progressive metal, black metal, death metal, and traditional European folk music.

Gwynbleidd will be touring throughout 2009 and 2010. In the past four years, the band has shared the stage with the likes of Orphaned Land, Entombed, Turisas, Kalmah, Bal-Sagoth, Novembers Doom and Slough Feg among others, including slots on festivals such as Chicago Powerfest, Heathen Crusade, and the Pagan Fest tour. Gwynbleidd has also performed with the Ballet Deviare dance company (which counts Opeth, My Dying Bride, and Arsis amongst its other musical collaborators.)

(Source: Myspace)