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Iperyt - Biography

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Iperyt - the army, the weapon, the machinery of war! The idea of modern and sinister sonic warfare was born in 2005. Five people and the ultimate weapon ready to unleash aggression, destruction, depravity and all of the crying children fears... A powerful mixture of furious black metal strongly established in its almost forgotten roots, a touch of death/grind attitude and all thrown into the wall of noise called terrorcore. Sick innovation delivered by most uncommon, perverted and psychotic minds gathered together in only one purpose. The purpose of dark art, demolition and chaos. With first critically acclaimed EP entitled Particular Hatred, which consists of four powerful tracks, the band proved that raw black metal, sick melodies and ultra-fast terrorcore bassdrums can be united under one evil flag. A first step into hellish and brutal, yet still well-thought-out and intelligent sound. Followed by a crushing full length Totalitarian Love Pulse, Iperyt showed there's a whole new world of extremity to come into being. Uncommon arrangements, the new quality only for a headstrong, only for a truly dedicated to the underground. And the live performances... Pure chaos. These psychotic minds are not driven by hell. They are hell! It's like experiencing "The Exorcist" live onstage. Followed by profanity and sickness. The new album No State Of Grace brings the intensity and insanity back once again and sets the new standard in industrial metal. Feel the touch of true passion. Pump up the bass. Taste the venom! Whether you call it music or noise, metal or terror techno one thing is certain: Iperyt - the band - offers no excuses, asks no compromises and wants nothing but pure extreme emotions.