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Assyrian - Biography

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Under the aim of creating contrasts between light and darkness (and the path between them), and to convey genuine emotion (transient, intense mood disturbance, pleasant or painful), we make use of any resource, minimal or very complex, to open and close cycles (tension - relaxation) supplying an important and positive experience for the life of any being who allows it.

Assyrian was born in 2009 as an entirely serious project with the full intention of being a participatory and constructive exponent in the Mexican metal scene. It was not until 2010 that they had the opportunity to record a doom/death metal demo of two songs, in the vein of My Dying Bride, Katatonia (early) and Virgin Black. After this, Assyrian had a downtime because of the absence of a drummer, who was found at the end of the same year. In March 2011, Assyrian started recording their first EP, titled Self-Portrait, with broader influences ranging from Cynic to Opeth and Radiohead, the result is a 7 track album with a dynamic and a melodic curve very well defined, ranging from a dark aesthetic to pretty pictures to the ear.