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Inferi is an American melodic death metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed in 2006 and strived to merge the classic melodic metal sound with a taste of crushing technicality. After releasing Divinity In War in 2007 and The End Of An Era in 2009, they experienced an overwhelming ripple of hardships, causing the band to lay dormant in an unforeseen state of hibernation.

In 2011, the lead guitarist Malcolm Pugh (A Loathing Requiem, Diskreet, ex-Enfold Darkness) decided to reignite the fire. Recruiting Mike Low (Oubliette, ex-Enfold Darkness) on guitar and Jack Blackburn (Vital Remains, ex-Enfold Darkness) on drums, the plan was clear - musical annihilation.

Inferi sets themselves outside of the generic pack by mixing melodious, yet technical musicianship with virtuosic songwriting rarely since in today's extreme metal acts.

In early 2014, Inferi will release their third effort, The Path Of Apotheosis.