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Stangala - Biography

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The story began in 2007, when 3 modern celtic druids gathered somewhere in the mystical woods of Kemper, France. They were said to secretly perform occult rituals, under the influence of the great green smoke. Inspired by the legacy of the great ancients such as the mighty Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, or the young Queens Of The Stone Age, but also by more local and traditional Celtic knowledge, of which Brittany is abundant. First results soon showed up, and an initiative trip was planned after just a few weeks, by means of a collection of nine songs refered to as ..dans les bois (" the woods"). After many public ceremonies, the druids gained some notoriety and assurance and they later self-released a new book of magic spells called LSD (The delirium of the Salvia dwarf).
Today, the druids gather again, consuming even more drugs in their cauldrons in order to, eventually, introduce the world to a whole new psychedelic dimension....