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Sweden's six-headed hird Grimner incorporate folk instruments such as flutes, Swedish bagpipes and the mandola into their own melodic, yet aggressive brand of metal. With lyrics that honour the norse gods and fallen warriors of old, they have taken enthusiasts of both metal and folk music by storm. With some songs dark and brooding; others fast, jovial and folkish, Grimner will never fail to entertain.

In 2008, Grimner was conceived in the Swedish town Motala by lead guitarist and vocalist Ted Sjulmark together with the drummer Henry Persson. With the line-up changing throughout the years, the six housecarls you now see is Grimner. The first demo "A Call For Battle" (2010) was sung explicitly in English but was soon to be replaced by their native tongue Swedish. With the EPs "Färd" (2010) and "De Kom Från Norr" (2015) together with their debut album "Blodshymner" (2014) under their belt, Grimner has so far conquered the lands of Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and Sweden. In addition to playing at German folk metal festivals, Grimner was the supporting act to the legendary Korpiklaani during their shows in Sweden in 2015.