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Evadne - In The Bitterness Of Our Souls... lyrics


01. At The Edge Of The Cliff

After a long path,
There's a hope in the reality of my own
On the top of a hill at the edge of a cliff
When sorrow pass and tenderness never came
My destiny is near nearer than you
I'm crying for you

Hearing to my heart I have no pride to life
Thinking in our love, my salvation is the die

Our time has lost
And never come back
Now I'm here at the edge of this cliff
Sorrow in my thoughts, I passed all this time
Searching something who can close my eyes
Finally the search to the end arrives
I'm feeling the fear of my heart emanate
Thinking on you my remains are sad
You were the best of all my life

Fear, sorrow, madness
Too much things presents to end my life
Ruins, I dream
At the edge of my broken desires
My own desires

Hope in my eyes oblivion
Lost in the time of what I was
Since you not are I'm burning
In the closure of myself

My salvation finally arrives
At the edge of this cliff
Jump in to the arms of dead
Jump to end my life !!

02. The Autumn Of The Withered Roses

The autumn comes, dies the summer
My garden is all what I have
A gathering of withered roses
A gathering to end my wreath

They are all my life, the happiness for my eyes
I'll never see again my flowers

You break my heart once again
Let my eyes without them, without nothing
You stole the smell of life, smell of dead
For a dream letarged

All for me was your sight every day and every night

I wish you´d be with me always
You know, since I am alone
You are the only thing that plenty my heart
Now, at the threshold of my death
I feel sadness but isn't for me…
Endlessly please remember me !

The autumn comes, dies the summer
I know my life is near to expire
Almighty came the autumn, impassive my die

Sadness, despair for see my garden rotten
The last time, the last goodbye
My flowers, my Eden friends, I want to rest near you

My flowers, my Eden friends one last thing I pray you
A wish for the next spring, let me grow together you

Rotten roses on my foot, I feel the incoming of dead
Is the time to my sleep, is the time to made my wreath

My last breath, your last scent, I feel the incoming of dead
Is the time for my sleep, is time for my eternal rest

03. Bleak Remembrance

The moon turns off; the sun will never shine
The star are remains and is quiet the land
In the mirror of the time I couldn’t see your reflex
I only see my despair, my own desperate
The end of your life has marked me as a fire
You condemned me to life against my own desire
Wherever you are I always be by your side
Better than this I only know the die

Dreaming in the past time when you're all
I can't believe the end of your life
Since you not are I used to cry
Every night, the end of your life

Only I can know how strong is the pain
Only you from the other side how much I love you

Now see in this endemic fire
How destiny has broken our biblic paradise
Becoming in a bleak desert of silence
With no point of reference for me

Unforgiving remains saying what couldn’t be
Whispers the moon, you are not for me
I can't believe this cruel reality
I can 't believe why you aren’t for me

Believe in my promise, I’ll be on your side
Eternally with you

Feeling the wind I use to cry I can’t believe
That destiny decide to me this bleak remembrance
Each night I cry alone as you
The end of your life

How sad is my existence without you
I forget where’s my path
Your remembrance corrode me
I don't need to be alive
Can you remember all my promise?
Can you remember that
Our souls will be eternal
Our souls will become in one