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Formed in Valencia, in early 2000 under the name "Hexenprozesse", the band made its first steps combining many musical styles like Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal and moulding them into a unique and particular style.

In 2003 they decided to change their musical path, focusing on a more complete, darker, slower, melancholic and mournful sound. Doom had made its impression and presence in their compositions. That was the moment when a new project was born, under the name of Evadne. The following year they release In The Bitterness Of Our Souls, the first record, a self-edited demo with 3 songs and obtained a great reception worldwide with many reviews.

After performing a bunch of shows in the Iberian Peninsula and being added to a number of compilations, Evadne started the hard work and focused in what would be their first proper release. The 13th Condition was born therefore born, with nine songs full of melancholic and mourning atmospheres and was self-released in the beginning of 2007, with important collaborations from the likes of Lady Nott (singer and violinist of Narsilion) and with the cover art being created and designed by Morgana of Iberian Black Arts(My Dying Bride, Vesperian Sorrow, Ancient, Aesma Daeva, etc.).

Once more Evadne obtained great reviews across the world and became one of the dreams in monochrome most promising national bands; growing in the Doom Metal genre, and sharing stages with other important and relevant bands of the same genre, like Swallow The Sun, Officium Triste, Helevorn, Autumnal, Dawn Of Tears and Tears Of Martyr. In November 2008 the band was included in Spain Kills Vol. 09: Doom Metal with the song "I Will Place Them". This Spanish band compilation was released by the label Xtreem Music worldwide.

Throughout 2009 Evadne focused shaping and creating their second studio release, a concept album full of despair, melancholy and dark passages, harmonizing with the band's new concept which they wanted to transmit to the masses. This period also brought some long suffering line-up changes.

Finally formed by: Albert (voice), Josan (guitar), Jose (Bass), Joan (Drums), Marc (guitar).

In early 2010 the band joined the 20th Anniversary Tour of Novembers Doom, sharing stage with the Chicago band and the Galician band Kathaarsys, in one of the three shows they performed in Spain. At the end of 2010 Evadne took part in two of the most important European doom-metal festivals, namely Madrid Is The Dark II and Dutch Doom Days IX.

The Shortest Way is the bands second piece of work, a conceptual album, sad and dark in the typical style of 18th century Romanticism. Eight songs that evoke sadness, sorrow and anger in equal measure. Cover by Robert Höyem (Evoken, Kampfar, Helevorn, Majestic Downfall...) and a grand work of mix and master by Dan Swanö ([band]Novembers Doom, Asphyx, Nightingale, Bloodbath, Pain...).

In January 2014 the band toured with Officium Triste & Autumnal in a Spanish tour. At December of the same year the band release an EP called Dethroned Of Light (self-edited) limited to 500 numbered copies for commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the first Evadne release In The Bitterness Of Our Souls with the collaboration of special guests like the singer of Shape Of Despair & Depressed Mode Natalie Koskinen and Fiar, bass player/vocalist in Foscor & live vocalist of Graveyard (ESP).