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1992-  Vince Verkay - drums
1994-  John Paradiso - guitars, vocals
2007-  Don Zaros - keyboards
2008-  David "Dave" Wagner - bass
2009-  Chris Molinari - guitars
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1992  Phil Wilson - guitars
1992-1993  Rob Robichaud - bass, vocals
1992-2012  Nick Orlando - guitars
1994-1996  Bill Manley - bass
1995-2002  Dario J. Derna - keyboards
1996-2004  Steve Moran - bass
2003-2007  Denny Hahn - keyboards
2006-2008  Craig Pillard - bass
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1998  Charles Lamb - cello
2001  Suzanne Bass - cello
2005  Chris Kuffner - cello

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The light of day fades away, the sky's colour becomes deep red and an owl is sitting on the remains of a destroyed fence, once made of wood and wire. Winter is here and what better way to "celebrate" than a new Evoken album? Prepare to feel utterly devastated after having listened to Hypnagogia in its entirety. There is nothing ebullient about it. Nothing at all.
Review by nikarg ››
They're baaaaaaaaack! Put on your battle armor Ahab and Esoteric, because funeral doom titans Evoken have returned and they're ready for war with yet another excellent contribution to the overlooked style from which they come. Apparently Atra...
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Probably THE most anticipated extreme doom release of 2007 is finally upon us. And that after only a two-year wait. So Evoken have speeded up their song-writing pace, but thank God they didn't speed up the music itself.

Putting the cd into the player...
Review by Marcel Hubregtse ››

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