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Country: Sweden
Label: InsideOut Music

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Formed in: 1994
Hiatus: 1998-2000

1995Gothic metal
1996-Progressive metal


1994-1998  Dan Erland Swanö - vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums
› 2000-  -//- vocals, guitars, keyboards
1996-1998  Dag Swanö - guitars, bass, keyboards
› 2000-  -//- guitars, keyboards
2000-  Tom Björn - drums
2000-  Erik Oskarsson - bass
1998  Ari Halinoja - drums
1998  Erik Oskarsson - bass
2003  Arjen Lucassen - guitar solo
2007  Thomas Lassar - synthesizer, organ

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A new Nightingale album has taken a long time to see daylight. To me it's at least 3-4 years overdue. Ever since Swanö hinted at it being in the works I've been impatiently waiting for a release date. As days, weeks, months and years went by, I started filing the scarce news of its progress under speculative fiction and fantasy. I was slowly starting to think of it as a vapourtune.
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