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Dag Swanö


1990-1996 Pan.thy.monium - guitars  
1996-1998 Nightingale - guitars, bass, keyboards  
2000- Nightingale - guitars, keyboards  

Guest musician

2001 Diabolical Masquerade - guitars  
2010 Odyssey (SWE) - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Aag, Tom Nouga
Born on: 16.09.1963
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I was born on the 16 September 1963. When I was 12 I began to play the guitar.
My early influences were Black Sabbath, U.F.O and Deep Purple. When I was 14
I started my first band and started to write songs.First I wrote in English( like all rock stars do ) but soon

I switched to Swedish. I am Swedish,I talk Swedish and I love Sweden, that´s why.
When I was 17 I heard Genesis for the first time and became fascinated with symfonicrock. I still listen to it
and play it from time to time. Two years later I switched instruments and started to play the bass. I played

Funkrock rockjazz and Freeform before ending up in a "Danceband". Danceband is a Swedish thing and
sounds like Julio Inglesias with a shuffle beat.I learned a lot and earned enough money to buy
my first 4 track. 1990 I dropped out of the danceband and Tom Nougas career began to take shape.

My first "multitrackexperience" were a reel to reel taperecorder with sound on sound
( you bounce the tracks, slow and mono ) I had no machines so i played it all live.
Recording on a 4 track machine was far easier and the ghost of Tom Nouga started to appear.

At that time a Swedish group with members like Joey Tempest and Kee Marcello ruled the world and
I wanted to have a "anti-artist name" .I also sent a demo to a music magazine and wanted my
real name to be unknown ( if they didn't like it ) At that time my dear brother Dan ( Erland ) Swanö
started to make serious sounds and our names are very similar ( not only the names in some people´s eyes )
After a while I became frustrated with the machines and wanted to play live with humans. I formed my
first live band ( with a name impossible to translate ) Patrik Selsfors played Freejazzrockguitar, Roger
Sjögren played Bass and brother Dan drums.The live sound was loose and had a bizarre touch.

In 1992 the band reformed with Magnus "Bonum" Hedinon bass and Ari Halinoja on Drums.
The Sound becamemore basic and rock orientated but still bizarre.The band was put on ice in 1995.
After a short reunion in the summer of -99 ( not -69 ) with Jimmy Thunlind on vocals the band broke up for good.
I have played acoustic as a solopiece from time to time during the years and some work with Jimmy T.
And the music never stops cooking in my dear homestudio
In Sep -06 i decided to stop using the name Tom Nouga and play under my real name