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Fall Of The Leafe


1996-1999  Kaj Gustafsson - guitars
› 2001-2007  -//-
1996-2007  Jussi Hänninen - guitars
1998-2007  Tuomas Tuominen - vocals
1998-2007  Petri Hannuniemi - keyboards
2002-2007  Matias Aaltonen - drums
2003-2007  Miska Lehtivuori - bass
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1996-1998  Jani Lindström - vocals
1996-2000  Juha Kouhi - bass
› 2001-2003  -//-
1996-2002  Marko Hyytiä - drums
1999-2000  Mika Rostedt - guitars
2000  Petri Santala - bass
2000-2001  Pasi Bunda - guitars, bass (2000)
2000-2001  Taneli Hatakka - guitars
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Never judge a book by its cover is a well-known saying. And in the case of Fall Of The Leafe that is exactly what one should adhere to. With a bandname such as Fall Of The Leafe, gloomy cover art and Firebox being the label that released Aerolithe I was...
Review by Marcel Hubregtse ››
Influenced by many sources

Fall Of The Leafe is not a band name that rings many bells outside Finland, but this outfit has already released four previous albums before this, their fifth effort.
This release, the first under the banner of Firebox Records,...
Review by Undercraft ››

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