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HammerFall - Trivia

In the early 90's, Jeff Scott Soto - singer of bands like Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Talisman, etc. - was Joacim Cans vocal coach in Los Angeles.
In 2001 HammerFall was nominated for a swedish grammy. Since they couldn't attend, they hired the swedish comedian Svullo to receive the grammy, but they didn't win.
When Oscar Dronjak was guest editor for "Musikguiden i p3" in Sweden he was reported for playing to obscene songs, when he played the band Onkel Kånkel.
Before HammerFall Oscar Dronjak played in a death metal band. At that time he was a satanist and used to cut an inverted cross in himself with a razor blade.
Pontus Norgren was offered to join Accept, but when they realized he was only 18, they gave the job to someone else.
In 2003, HammerFall participated in the Swedish version of "Fort Boyard".
Joacim Cans was part of the swedish national junior team in swimming.
Joacim Cans participated and won the swedish version of Clash Of The Choirs in 2008.
All of Hammerfall's albums from Crimson Thunder onwards have had cover art done by Samwise Didier, the art director for the game company Blizzard Entertainment. The game World of Warcraft by Blizzard has a town named Hammerfall.
In 2008, after eleven years with the band, guitarist Stefan Elmgren decided to leave Hammerfall to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot.
Hammerfall's mascot is a knight called "Hector" who appears on most album covers.
Hammerfall have a town (called "Hemmerfall") named after it in the now-discontinued computer role playing game "Nightquest".
Shortly after the band's formation, guitarist Oscar Dronjak broke his arm in a game of football. The wound never really healed, and it affected his playing.