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Rammstein - Trivia

German schlager artist Heino made a cover of Rammstein's "Sonne" in 2013. He called the song "ein wirklich schönes Stück Volksmusik". The song can be listened to here.
Up until 2002, Flake would "surf" the audience in an inflatable rubber dinghy during the performance of "Seemann". Ollie took his place in 2002. According to Flake, the change occurred because he was injured too often. Also, during a 2001 concert in St. Petersburg, Flake was tipped out of the boat by the crowd and almost completely undressed. Despite this, Flake has returned to "surfing" the dinghy for Rammstein's 2009 tour during the performance of "Haifisch".
Mein Herz brennt from the album Mutter had two videos.The piano version came out in 7 December 2012.The original version came out in December 14th.The single also came out with the song Gib mir deine Augen.
During the Liebe Ist Für Alle Da Tour, "Benzin" returned to being performed with pyrotechnics, including a flamethrower disguised as a petrol pump. By the end of the song Till Lindemann uses it to set a "fan" on fire, who runs through the stage until the song is over.
Their songs are mostly in German but they have also performed songs in other languages like English, Spanish, French and Russian.
The song Wiener Blut is about Elisabeth Fritzl who lured his 18 year old daughter in a basement, drugged her and kept her captive in a dungeon under his house,and sexually abused her leading to her giving birth to several children.When played live there are dolls hanging up on the ceiling, near the end of the song the dolls explode.
The song "Feuer Frei!" is featured in the opening sequence to the action movie XXX (Triple X).
The song "Mein Teil" from their Reise, Reise album was inspired by the case of German cannibal Armin Meiwes, who posted an ad on the web asking for a volunteer to be killed and eaten. Bernd Juergen Brandes, a computer engineer, responded to the ad and agreed to do the job. When the two men met, Brandes asked Meiwes to bite his penis off. After failing to do so, Meiwes cut it off, cooked it, and then tried to eat it together with Brandes (hence the title of the song, which means "My Part", i.e. "My Penis"). Then Meiwes stabbed Brandes to death, stored the body in his freezer, and consumed the meat over the next 10 months. The song also includes the line "du bist was du isst" (you are what you eat), which is a famous quote by German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach.
Vocalist Till Lindemann was a member of the East German Olympic swimming team, but left the team in 1979, so never competed in the 1980 Olympics.
The icebreaker featuring on the front cover of the album "Rosenrot" is an altered picture of USS Atka, taken on March 13, 1960 at McMurdo Station, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.
The original cover of the album "Herzeleid" (with Rammstein in front of the flower) was accused of being a "portrait for the master race," which was totally stupid. That could be the reason why this album was later released with another cover, although it could be just because they liked the new cover more.
The biggest Rammstein hit - "Du Hast", from the album "Sehnsucht", originally means "You have" but can also be translated as "You Hate" by the pronunciation. That is why the English version of this song has the title "You Hate".
The cover of the album "Mutter" is a dead child that died either before or after birth. The picture was taken by Daniel and Geo Fuchs, who also did the photography for the band on the inside of the booklet.
The female voice in the song "Moskau" from the album Reise, Reise belongs to Viktoria Fersh. The band originally wanted the girls from the Russian girl-band Tatu to do the vocals, but talks with their manager went nowhere and an alternative singer was found.
On the European version of the album Reise, Reise, a hidden track is placed in "negative time", or in the "pre-gap", before the first track. This track is the black-box recording from the crash of the Japanese airplane JAL123. More info about the crash can be found here.
The name "Rammstein" came from a big catastrophe that happened in the German city Ramstein on the United States Air Force base of the same name, where the Italian Air Force had a flight show - three planes collided in the air and 67 people got killed. More info can be found here.
The song "Rammstein" is about this incident. The band itself denies that their name has anything to do with the incident, right after the band was formed however they first called themselves "Rammstein Flightshow" for a few weeks, obviously proving the connection. In their early days the band had a lot of listeners because of the name alone.
The child's voice on "Spieluhr" is by Khira Li Lindemann, who is NOT Till Lindemann's daughter as one might expect, but rather Richard Kruspe's. After Till and his wife broke up, Richard got engaged with her resulting in the birth of Khira Li; they never married though and the mother didn't return to her maiden name, thus Richard's daughter carries Till's surname.