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Drudkh - Trivia

Thurios is the owner of Stuza Production.
Drudkh doesn't support any extreme ideology and declares itself as a non-political band.
Drudkh are known for their unshakeable no-interviews, no-photos, no-gigs policy.
As with 'The Swan Road', lyrics on 'Blood in Our Wells' are taken from classical Ukrainian literature. The lyrics to "Furrows of Gods" are adapted from a poem by Lina Kostenko; the lyrics to "When the Flame Turns to Ashes" are adapted from a poem by Oleksandr Oles'; the lyrics to "Solitude" are once again taken from the work of Taras Shevchenko; and the lyrics to "Eternity" are lifted verbatim from the work of Yuriy Klen. Several tracks also sample the film Mamaj, and for this reason 'Blood in Our Wells' has been described as "more cinematic" than its predecessors.
The last song on the 'The Swan Road' album entitled "Song of Sich Destruction" is sung by an authentic kobzar (a Ukrainian bard).
"Drudkh" means "wood" in Sanskrit.
Drudkh has played black metal from the start, with the exception of the folk album 'Songs of Grief and Solitude'.